The Shooter


The SHOOTER is our patented, high speed belt conveyor which is mounted at the tailgate of a dump truck with full hydraulic operation by the truck’s power take-off (PTO). The conveyor can be attached by various installations to nearly any make or model dump truck or live bottom bed and is capable of shooting sand, stone or gravel in a concentrated stream up to 100′ from the rear of the truck.

The SHOOTER has full side-to-side swing, meaning less movement of the truck itself to reach the targeted area, allowing broad, accurate material placement by the operator. The control center is placed on the side of the truck for operator safety.

Shoot material over 100 ft from the rear of the truck!

Side to side swing capabilities.

Works off trucks PTO.

Hydraulic tailgate allows for regular dumping or conveying options.

Convey up to 3″ material.

Remote control packages available.

Load Batch Trucks.

Conventional Bed Side Controls – also see OPTIONS

One man and his dump truck with the SHOOTER attachment can unload 20 tons of aggregate and spread it evenly in as little as 6 ½ minutes, requiring very little dress raking. The driver of the vehicle not only delivers the material but also places it neatly and accurately where the customer requires it. Virtually any driver can be taught to operate the SHOOTER within a few minutes.

The versatile tailgate attachment allows your choice of shooting gravel or conventional dump. In just minutes the driver can easily remove the SHOOTER from the truck and use it for normal dumping, or use the hydraulic tailgate option to allow dumps between convey loads.

The Shooter™ is the lightest truck conveying unit in the industry, weighing only 1,000 pounds! It is transported folded up to the tailgate. The SHOOTER operates under the most adverse conditions. If needed, gravel can be strategically placed to assist trucks in getting in and out of job sites with minimal material waste.

The cost savings to a contractor or homeowner are substantial. The Shooter simplifies subcontractor scheduling. All material brought to the job site is utilized. Site damage from alternative material moving equipment is eliminated. Reducing labor, waste, and site damage, plus the elimination of down time due to adverse weather conditions mean more money in your pocket!